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Sea Born Products wants to aide you in achieving a greater degree of success, which begins with a trusted partnership.  We plan, organize and implement your goals and objectives while delivering the highest quality of seafood your customers demand.

Today the new generation seafood consumer is looking for value and  environmentally conscientious, health based alternative protein choices. By example, the localvore movement, low carbon footprint, no additives such as hormones, antibiotics, or added chemicals are high up on their list of criteria as well as a low fat to protein ratio. Sea Born Products continues to excel as a trusted source among seafood buyers across the industry.

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Sea Born Products works with buyers and brands of all types of seafood. Contact us today for a free estimate for all your seafood needs.


Sea Born Products Mission

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Our mission at Sea Born Products is to be part of your team, fulfilling the needs of your customers while bringing the global seafood market to you.  Our relationships are built on quality, trust, and integrity.


Sea Born Products will exhaust every opportunity and option to procure the finest seafood products and deliver on time.